Where do you go to Read?

Where do you go to Read?

I was wondering where we go to read. Is it somewhere calm and quiet, like the library or do you have a favourite chair where you like to sit?




Is it somewhere traditional like this wooden rocking chair or do you go for the modern approach and dive into a comfy bean bag?

I sometimes sit outside in Summer but always in the shade. I love the peace and quiet,

Do you save all your favourite books to take on holiday? I always keep a really special book to read on the beach or by the pool. It’s easier to take an e-reader if there is a light breeze and a lot of sand to contend with. Make sure its all charged up, imagine the battery running out just as you get to the good bit!



Commuting is a great time to read. Pass the time with a good book and make the journey to work much more exciting. It’s surprising how many books you can get through on a weekly commute.

I would love a cosy reading nook somewhere to retreat with my books. It would have lots of shelves and a really comfortable chair. A blazing coal fire would be great or maybe a sea view. (If only!)


I do most of my reading in bed.I like the time of day when everything is done and you can switch off from all the mundane things. I’ve often still been awake when the sun comes up or I fall asleep with a book still in my hand.

Would you like to read more but life is just too busy?

Do you have a special place to read?

I’d really love to hear all your reading habits!


Ultimate comfortable reading chairs from Urban Outfitters with affiliate links


Faux Fur Ottoman

Faux Fur Beanbag


Bean Bag with Pocket Storage

Macrame Swing Chair

8 thoughts on “Where do you go to Read?

Add yours

  1. I’m kind of boring I generally read at home either in my living room or my bedroom preferably when it’s quiet!


  2. I’d love more time to read at the moment, but I’ve been busy writing more often as of late. x
    My favourite places to read are either by any open window if it’s raining (so I can smell the fresh air), or tucked up in bed with some dark chocolate and a great cup of coffee. x


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