A Tip to Keep the Doggy Waistline in check.

    TRIM THAT DOGGY WAISTLINE Just wanted to pass on these tips I have found really useful. We all know that dogs weight should be monitored closely but food orientated dogs respond well to treats. If you're worried about how many treats your dog is having try them with green beans! Have a pack [...]


Darcy’s First Days

Darcy seemed to know how important it was to settle in and his behaviour was  far better than expected in his first days with us. He was completely house trained, loving and totally adorable. There were some worrying  traits though. When someone visited, even for a few minutes , he would run to the front [...]

The Day Darcy came to stay

It was June 2015 and I was scrolling through Facebook when a photo caught my eye.It was a mini dachshund and a rescue friend was urgently looking for a foster for him. I wasn't planning to foster but I felt compelled to send a private message to ask about his background. Within seconds the lady [...]


Holly is 13 years old and a force to be reckoned with!   She has a select circle of people and dogs who she would take a bullet for, anyone else?.....not a chance! ..unless you have 3 hours to spare to tickle her tummy. Then she might consider you! I wasn't looking for a dog [...]