Winter Warnings for Waggy Tails, part 1.

It's freezing here and Christmas is just around the corner, so just a quiet reminder of how to keep your dogs in tip-top health during the cold and festive season. Here's a quick list of food that can be super tasty for us, but completely toxic to dogs. Chocolate Raisins Grapes Sultanas Onions Garlic Beetroot Avocado Macadamia Nuts... Continue Reading →


Christmas Outfits for Dogs.

Here is a collection of my doggy Christmas photos you might like.       It will be our first Christmas without Alfie. He was always first in the queue to wear a Santa outfit or model the gift wrapping on Christmas morning. He also loved the snow. In 2010 we had very cold spell... Continue Reading →

Darcy’s DIY Dog Bed.

When Darcy the miniature dachshund came to us as a rescue he didn't have one possession, not even a collar. He didn't even recognise the name they provided us with (Dappy!) and he was already an adult dog. When I offered him a treat for the first time, he backed away, and he still doesn't know how... Continue Reading →

Winter Jumpers for Dogs.

It's been really cold here in the UK and Darcy has been shivering. I found him his cute jumper which says 'I Can't Stay Calm I'm A Dachshund' but he decided that he wasn't going to wear it this year! To be honest, it was a little tight, he's obviously put on a few pounds... Continue Reading →

Famous Quotes about Dogs

I've put together some of my favourite dog quotes. I hope you like them. To some people, dogs are their whole lives, but what impresses me is the way a dog slots into your family and adapts to your way of life and just,  somehow, makes everything better! So true! We all love our families but... Continue Reading →

A Real Treat For October!

We had such lovely weather for October this weekend I thought I'd share some photos from our dog walk. There doesn't seem to be many leaves left on the trees and we are expecting a storm later today. This is a view over Cheshire. This is my granddog Rosie, a Cavapoo(on the right) and my dear... Continue Reading →

Adventures of a Dog Walker

You know the signs. You 're having a lovely walk with 'mans best friend' when you suddenly spot four legs, where a head should be, frantically writhing in the grass. The first time it happened I thought 'how cute he's wriggling around in ecstasy'. I was partly right. There is nothing a dog loves more... Continue Reading →

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