Simple Solutions: Common Dog Behaviour Problems

Simple Solutions: Dog Behaviour Problems (Separation Anxiety, Bolting Food, Jumping Up)   Here are some Simple Solutions for common dog behaviour problems. 1 Separation Anxiety- Crying when you leave the house. 2 Bolting Food - Eating Too Fast. 3 Jumping Up - Greeting people too enthusiastically. The solutions are easy to implement but take patience... Continue Reading →

One Last Summer by Victoria Connelly

One Last Summer by Victoria Connelly They have the whole summer ahead of them. Is it enough to rekindle the friendship they once shared? Harriet Greenleaf dreams of spending the summer in a beautiful ancient priory on the Somerset coast with her two best friends—but her dream is bittersweet. On the one hand, it’s a... Continue Reading →

Not Having It All by Jennie Ensor

Not Having It All by Jennie Ensor Neuroscientist Bea Hudson fears she is a bad mother and that her career will be thwarted by family life. When her husband suspects Bea of having an affair with her best friend, a chain of events is triggered, leading to a crisis in Bea’s life. Bea Hudson, a... Continue Reading →

A Home From Home by Veronica Henry

A Home From Home by Veronica Henry Today I am so pleased to take part in the blog tour for A Home from Home by Veronica Henry. Many thanks to Anne Cater from Random Things Tours, Orion Books and the author for a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly. Amazon Purchase Link Sunshine,... Continue Reading →

The Oceanic Dreams Series (Book Reviews)

The Oceanic Dreams Series Today I will be featuring, not one but eight books! They are all part of The Oceanic Dreams Series written by different authors. Thank you to the authors of The Oceanic Dreams Series for supplying copies of the books which I have reviewed honestly. Each book features life on the cruise ship Oceanic Aphrodite but... Continue Reading →

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