When Life Gives You Lemons…

I've had a really sore throat for the past few days and the only thing that I have found soothing is drinking lots of hot lemon and honey. It got me thinking about lemons and their health benefits and I found loads of really good information on all the different uses. I hope you find some of... Continue Reading →

Sit… Stay…Beg by Roxanne St.Claire

Sit... Stay...Beg (The Dogfather Part 1) by Roxanne St.Claire Daniel Kilcannon is 'The Dogfather' and the man responsible for a world-class rescue and training establishment. which he put his heart and soul into creating, after his wife Annie died. He is helped by his four sons and two daughters, one son Garrett is a former... Continue Reading →

The Antique Shop

The Antique Shop                                       Books standing proudly wearing jackets of dust Aroma's of vanilla, tobacco, and musk China teapots with chintzy bouquets A knitted shawl that has seen better days A lonely cup missing its friend Brasses and... Continue Reading →

How to Pack a Doggy Suitcase.

We've always taken our dogs on holiday, staying in dog-friendly accommodation with nearby beaches where dogs are allowed. This is the ultimate holiday checklist if you are taking your dog on holiday or to a dog sitter. Some items are obvious,  but there may be some handy tips that you may find useful. A first aid kit... Continue Reading →

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