Aria’s Travelling Book Shop by Rebecca Raisin

Aria's Travelling Book Shop by Rebecca Raisin This summer will change everything! Aria Summers knows what she wants. A life on the road with best friend Rosie and her beloved camper-van-cum-book-shop, and definitely, definitely, no romance. But when Aria finds herself falling – after one too many glasses of wine, from a karaoke stage – into... Continue Reading →

Willow’s Wedding Vows by Debbie Viggiano

Willow's Wedding Vows by Debbie Viggiano Wedding vows have never been this personal… Willow has been living with marriage-shy Charlie for more years than she cares to remember and is old-fashioned enough to want a wedding band and a loads-of-sex honeymoon before stretchmarks and nipple shields.​ So when the once-wary Charlie surprisingly goes down on... Continue Reading →

My Pear-Shaped Life by Carmel Harrington

My Pear-Shaped Life by Carmel Harrington This is a joyful, uplifting book for those of us who sometimes wake up and feel we’re not good enough. nough.Spoiler alert: we are! Meet Greta. She’s funny. She’s flawed. She’s hiding so much behind her big smile she’s forgotten who she is. But Greta is about to discover... Continue Reading →

Letters From The Past by Erica James

Letters From The Past by Erica James A sweet and compelling story of family, love and betrayal, set in a quintessential Suffolk village, from Sunday Times bestselling author Erica James. It's the autumn of 1962 in the idyllic Suffolk village of Melstead St Mary. Evelyn Devereux's husband Kit is planning their 20th wedding anniversary party.... Continue Reading →

Socialising A Puppy In Isolation

Socialising A Puppy In Isolation When Ripley the chihuahua came along in February I was determined to take every opportunity to socialise him really well. He came everywhere with me, visiting friends and family and meeting dogs of all shapes and sizes. When his vaccinations were completed we started taking him for short walks, and... Continue Reading →

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