Today it's three years since this tiny rescue dog died in my arms on the way to the vets.     You'll find Harvey's story here. Harvey Harvey’s New Lease of Life Farewell Harvey I used to sing this song to him, it's by Adele When the rain is blowing in your face And the... Continue Reading →



A small collection of verse depicting the humiliation and embarrassing events which affect all women Here is one of the poems from the book. Sometimes its just best to laugh and say :- NEVER AGAIN!!! Never again Will I cut my own hair Buy a see-through blouse to wear Wear olive oil in the sun... Continue Reading →

My Doggy Bucket List.

I'm just mad about dogs...all dogs, every breed, and size, I often spend my time daydreaming of all the dogs I would like to have in my life, one way or the other. It is not a practical bucket list but an idealistic one. So, there are no exceptions. I would love it if you... Continue Reading →

More Doggy Stuff

These are answers to questions asked by people after my last post in which I TRY to help out with frequently asked dog related questions (All answers courtesy of Google I am not an expert!)   How Do I Safely Remove Weeds From My Garden Without Harming My Dog? First try tipping boiling water onto the weeds,... Continue Reading →

Just Doggy Stuff

I often have to look up things on the internet about my dogs and thought it would be handy to post some of the answers. I will choose a couple of topics each day, please feel free to add any interesting questions in the comments section and we can learn together. Why do dogs bury... Continue Reading →

The Long and Short of it.

It's approaching two years since Darcy came to stay with us. Sometimes I feel like my training fell upon deaf ears, which anyone with a dachshund will experience on a day-to-day basis. Ask them to stop barking at next doors cat  for the umpteenth time and they happily ignore you , but one creak of... Continue Reading →

Introducing a New Puppy

When we lost Alfie suddenly, one of my main concerns was for Holly, who was his constant companion for the whole of his nine years,  They did everything together sleep, eat they even pooed in unison! Holly was the oldest and definitely the boss but Alfie was her protector and soul mate, I can honestly... Continue Reading →


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