How to make Dolls House Accessories part 2.

  I've talked previously about renovating an old dolls house and making very inexpensive food accessories that will make your doll's house look interesting and attractive. Here are the links to the earlier posts. Renovating a Dolls House on a budget. How to make dolls house food accessories Today I wanted to tell you how [...]


Instant Gentle Declutter Part 2

  A few weeks ago I wrote a post about decluttering our living spaces without too much emotional upheaval. For those who missed it here's the link, it's a very quick read which will help you get started on the road to a clutter-free life. Instant Gentle Declutter Part 1 The tip at the bottom [...]

How to Have Fun with Picture Frames.

  This is a nice idea to use old photos, wallpaper scraps and postcards by grouping them together in complimentary photo frames. It is a really inexpensive to do and makes a great statement. If you have a feature wall , enhance the plain walls by framing small sections from the wallpaper left overs. It really [...]

Making Food Accessories for your Dolls House

  How to make Food Accessories for your Dolls House. In an earlier post I spoke about how to update old dolls house furniture. Here I focus on the food which really adds a homely touch. It really is very cheap and easy to personalise your dolls house with handcrafted items which are truly unique.   I [...]

Renovating a Dolls House on a Budget.

I absolutely love renovating old dolls houses and bringing them back to life. Sometimes just a lick of paint can make all the difference. Roof tiles can be found online in A4 size, which can be printed off and cut to size and the roses were added from a pretty paper napkin.     For the [...]