Can Someone Please Tell August it’s Summer!

Can someone please tell August it's Summer! Last night we had this amazing sunset but it's still cold and dull here in England and its been like this for weeks! This is my summer house, 'she shed' or just 'hut' but I love it in there. I like to sit and read, write and listen to... Continue Reading →


Simple Pleasure

Here is a poem I wrote about my favourite past time reading. What a pleasure to read a book by an open fire, in a cosy nook to be transported to pastures new with a comfy chair and a good strong brew to meet the characters, learn their fates family feuds and moral debates relationships covered from beginning... Continue Reading →

Waggy Tales Dog Blog

Hi everyone I wanted to start a blog to share my two great loves.....dogs and books I have always loved dogs and had a lot of experience in the rescue world both as a foster mum and home checker. I also have a mini dachshund who we adopted in 2015. Every breed will be welcome, pedigree or mixed,... Continue Reading →

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