It’s Hard To Swim (Ellie the Wienerdog) by K J Hales

 It’s Hard To Swim

Ellie the Wienerdog

by K J Hales


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 It’s Hard To Swim

Part 2 of the Life’s Little Lesson series

Ellie the Wienerdog is back!

In Life’s Little Lesson #2, “It’s Hard to Swim,” readers are reunited with their favorite wiener dog as she is about to abruptly get her paws wet.

Romping on dry ground and chasing a ball are the activities Ellie believes dogs are built to do. However, one day as she is enjoying her canine fun, she chases her ball onto a dock and then finds herself cornered by her “people” who think it would be a good idea for her to take a little dip.

The drama builds as her mind goes into over drive imagining all the terrifying possibilities that could await her below the surface of the water.

Will she sink? Will she end up as dinner for a hungry shark or a monster fish? Or will she overcome her fear and discover all the fun that comes with trying something new? Her future hangs at the end of a dock with very dark water below . . .

“Swim” is a year-round Summer Fun read! Kids will love searching for all the hidden treasures in the vibrant, whimsical illustrations and grown-ups will love the timeless lesson that is shared through Ellie’s humorous tale.

The team of K.J. Hales and Serene Wyatt have done it again – thanks to the inspiration from Ellie the Wienerdog.


My Review of It’s Hard To Swim

As well as my obsession with dogs I also love books so when I found this title over on Netgalley I couldn’t wait to dive in. Netgalley gave me this book free in exchange for an honest review.

So a book about a dog specifically a dachshund, was this book written for me? It has all my favorite things (except wine) in one place. Well actually no, I’m a few years ahead of this game. It was written for children but I love to go back to my childhood when books were made of paper and Enid Blyton was as popular as JK Rowling. (Now I’m giving my age away)

It tells the story of Ellie the Wienerdog learning to swim. I love the rhyming text, it just flows so nicely and the illustrations  (Serene Wyatt) are captivating.

Ellie doesn’t like the idea of going in the water but she fears that she will end up as fish bait! So when she is plunged into the sea, wearing a life jacket, of course, she is frightened of the scary sea creatures. Then, she starts to swim and loves it!

The life lesson in this book is ‘if you give it a try, you can do anything you wish!’ This is such a great lesson for children, overcoming fear can lead to good things and its ok to be scared sometimes. The pictures are such fun and children will love to follow the antics of Ellie the Wienerdog as she learns to swim.I’m sure parents and teachers alike will enjoy passing this really important message on to children.


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