Hi everyone I just wanted to start a blog of some of the dog stories I’ve experienced as a dog owner, foster of rescue dogs and the rescue dog I adopted myself.

Also friends and families dogs past and present will be included too.

Funny stories, sad stories but everything dog related.

Every breed will be welcome, pedigree or mixed , it doesn’t matter as long as they have waggy tails!

There will be informative content too, including health and behavior issues and all about the process of rescuing a dog or buying a puppy from a breeder.

I dont want to bore you but…

It’s been a few weeks and I’ve met some amazing people from this blog. I first thought it would just be a good way to record thoughts and events because my memory is dreadful. But then, people started interacting with me and it felt really good so it’s about time I stopped hiding under the WaggyTales blog name and talked a little about myself.

I  worked for the NHS until my glass back and recurring shingles decided to rear it’s head. I then sold crafts online with my sister and still really enjoy anything creative. I am an avid reader and have a few ebooks self published on Amazon, they are small poem collections. I have just started doing book reviews which I love.

I love all dogs so much. I fostered many rescue dogs and have two dogs myself one of which is an abandoned ex-stud dog. We recently lost our dog called Alfie which is why I am here really.  I poured my feelings out in a poem and just started writing to take my mind off the awful grief that filled my existence.

I am quite introverted but a really good listener.

My main fear  is that I am not ‘enough’ and I bore people. So, for that reason, I am going to go now, but I’ll be back with more……….

Thanks for reading, commenting and following.


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Thank you.


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