Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions

Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions

From Your Store Cupboard

For the very best way to remove pet stains and odours from your home, you don’t have to look further than your store cupboard. Don’t waste money on expensive products which claim to eliminate stains and odours made from dogs and cats. If the enzymes from urine remain in the carpet, the pet will be attracted to the same spot again and again. Try these Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions around your home to completely remove stains and leave areas deodorised.
I use just a few ingredients to completely clean and disinfect carpets, curtains, and upholstery. They are items that you probably already have, but if you don’t they are widely available and extremely inexpensive to buy. The products don’t contain harmful chemicals so you won’t be hurting your pet or your family, but they do ensure a deep clean.
Also, learn how to keep pet beds, bowls and toys completely hygienic and discover how to make natural air fresheners to make your home smell amazing too!

Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions For The Kitchen

Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions To Remove  Urine Stains from Carpets. 

It’s really important to keep on top of urine stains from puppies or dogs who are not housetrained. If the enzymes from urine remain in the carpet, the pet will be attracted to the same spot again and again.

You Will Need:

Bicarbonate of Soda (also known as baking soda)

White Vinegar

Kitchen Towels

Vacuum Cleaner

Instructions :

1 Firstly you need to remove as much liquid as you can by blotting the area with kitchen towels.
2 When you are sure that the stain is as dry as possible, make a paste using bicarbonate of soda and water.
3 Apply the paste to the stain, then spray with white vinegar.
4 Blot again with kitchen towels. It is important to blot the stain, not rub, the aim is to lift it and rubbing just pushes the nasty odours further into the fibres.
5 Leave for one to two hours.
6 Vacuum or brush the area.
7 The stain is removed and the area will smell fresh.
This can be used on old or new stains. It might take a few applications to remove an old pet stain which has been allowed to dry, but it really works.
For larger areas make up a spray solution of equal parts of distilled white vinegar and water plus two tablespoons of baking powder. Shake well and apply liberally to the area. Then allow to dry and vacuum or brush.
The solution can be kept to hand in a spray bottle for whenever you have puppy or kitten accidents.

Use white vinegar to clean windows.

Does your dog constantly have his nose pressed against the windows?

My windows have nose prints which I have to clean daily. I keep a spray bottle of diluted vinegar in the cupboard to quickly wipe off the marks, then I polish with a piece of newspaper. This is a great time saver because it means you don’t have to clean the whole window and there are no streaks!

Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions

How Do I Reduce Pet Hair In The Home?

 To remove pet hairs from your home you really need to implement a regular vacuuming and grooming routine but there are a few tips which can also help.
 Firstly, as well as regular grooming, you can reduce shedding by giving your pet a healthy balanced diet to keep him in tip-top condition.
 Add a little cod liver oil or fish skins to the diet to reduce shedding.
 Massage coconut oil into the fur to remove loose fur and give the coat a great shine.
 Make sure that the pet is well hydrated.
 Give regular baths and towel dry the fur.
Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions


Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions to Reduce Pet Hair in the Home.

1. Purchase a lint remover, they are inexpensive to buy and useful on clothes, in the car and on upholstery.
2. Simply wipe the area with a tumble dryer sheet which will remove fur, and in addition, repels dust and pet hair.
3. Use a pet grooming glove, which has rubber spikes to remove loose fur.

How Do I Permanently Remove Muddy Paw Prints From Your Carpet?

Everyone who owns a dog will get that sinking feeling when the dog comes in from the garden, after digging a big hole. The lovely carpet is covered in muddy paw prints!

You don’t want to use chemical solutions on your carpet, so try this natural pet cleaning solution before anything else:

The first thing to do is walk away.

Let the mud dry completely.

Sprinkle the area with baking soda and leave it to absorb odours from the mud.

Vacuum thoroughly when the area is completely dry.

If there is still discolouration from the mud, spray the carpet with diluted white vinegar and leave overnight.

By the next day, the smell of vinegar will have disappeared.

Your carpets should be back to normal and completely odour free.

How To Keep Pet Bowls Sparkling Clean.

Natural Cleaning Solutions For Dog and Cat Bowls.

Do you wash your pet bowls daily?

You should do, an empty bowl will be covered in bacteria from your dog’s saliva. Most dogs are fed in the kitchen close to food preparation areas so they must be kept clean.

I use stainless steel bowls and give them a good soak in hot water and vinegar. They come out gleaming and the vinegar is much safer to use than bleach.

Ceramic bowls can be cleaned this way too.

If you do need to scrub a pet dish, use a designated scourer, for that one job only.

Every couple of weeks I put all the bowls in the dishwasher to give a deep, sterilised clean. (Check that your bowls are dishwasher proof before doing this)

Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions For Pet Toys.

Just like bowls, dog toys have to be kept hygienic.

Some can be machine washed or wiped clean with a solution of white vinegar, warm water and a drop of washing up liquid.


Do a weekly dishwasher clean of just dog or cat bowls and toys. Check labels to make sure that they are dishwasher safe.

Remember small children often pick up pet bowls and toys so make sure they are hygienic.

Also, people with low immune systems can pick up germs from pet utensils which can lead to a nasty infection.

How to keep pet beds clean and hygienic

How Do I Keep Pet Beds Hygienically Clean and Smelling Fresh?

It’s really essential to keep your dog’s bed odour free.

If the bed is made of plastic or wicker a simple wipe over and change of blanket will be fine.

However many dog beds are fabric and washable, which is great, but it isn’t always possible with busy daily schedules. This is how to freshen the fabric and remove pet odours when it isn’t convenient to use the washing machine

Natural cleaning solution to freshen a fabric dog bed between machine washing.

1. If you can, take the bed outside.

2. Sprinkle liberally with baking soda and leave for half an hour.

3. Use a spray bottle with diluted white vinegar all over the fabric (don’t worry the smell soon diminishes)

Leave to dry naturally

(Hang the bed on the washing line if you have one. Get as much fresh air into the fabric as possible.)

When completely dry give the bed a really good shake, removing most of the baking soda.

Get the hoover nozzle into all the nooks and crannies, remove any pet hair and baking soda which remains after shaking.

Your pet bed will smell fresh and clean!

Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions

Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions To Keep Your Upholstery Smelling Fresh.

Does your dog like to sleep on the sofa? If so, you will want to keep your upholstery smelling fresh and clean. Here are a few tips to use, which really work.

1 Sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on a piece of kitchen roll and place them inside cushions or down the back of the sofa.

2. If you use tumble dryer sheets they can be used in the same way.

3. Make some small fabric sachets and fill with dried lavender, tuck inside your cushions to keep them smelling lovely.

4 Sprinkle a fabric chair or sofa with baking soda, then leave for half an hour before vacuuming.

5 If you use fabric conditioner make a freshener by diluting with water, then apply to fabric using a spray bottle. This can be used on upholstery, curtains, carpets, and rugs. Spray before going to bed and the house will smell really fresh when you wake up.

Natural Air Fresheners.

There is nothing worse than pet odour in the home, especially if your dog has been for a walk in the rain!

Here are some tips to use to keep your home smelling great all the time.

  1. Make your own potpourri. I know this sounds really old fashioned but this is a great way to make your home smell great. Use plants and leaves from the garden eg roses, geraniums, lavender and dry them out thoroughly. You will then need some essential oils and a fixative to make the fragrance last longer. Place the potpourri in hallways or close to doors where there is a draft to waft the fragrance throughout the house.
  2. Have a saucepan of natural fragrance simmering on the stove to make a lovely fragrance all through the house. I use lemons with a little vanilla, but you can use most fruits or essential oils.
  3. Place small pots of baking soda around the house. The baking soda actually absorbs the smell, rather than just mask it. Add a few drops of essential oil and it will smell nice too.
  4. Use oil diffusers, cinnamon sticks, scented candles, pine cones or fresh flowers to make your home smell amazing.
  5. Make your own room spray by adding fabric softener or essential oils to water and using in a spray bottle. (Keep the bottle by the front door and your visitors will be impressed by how lovely your home smells

Dog Bathing and Grooming

Keep Your Dog Clean.

There is no point keeping your home smelling fresh if your dog absolutely stinks!

Some dogs have a distinct ‘doggy’ smell whilst others hardly smell at all. It is a dog’s instinct to dig holes and roll around in fox poo so every dog needs a regular bath.

Check out this article for lots of bathing tips including recipes for natural homemade dry shampoo for dogs and also a homemade flea shampoo. Did you know that you could be bathing your dog too much? Find out why here

How To Use Baby Wipes For Cleaning and Pet Care

 Baby wipes are much cheaper than wipes which are marketed especially for pets. I find that they are also chemical-free, so totally safe to use.

Here are some ways to use baby wipes to remove pet stains, fur and odours.

1 To clean muddy paws.
2 They are good to gently clean the ears of cats and dogs.
3 I find they are a gentle way to clean away tear staining on dogs eyes.
3 Keep a pack in the car to clean muddy paw prints and clear pet hair and dust from dashboards.
4 A baby wipe used over upholstery in the home or car will lift the pet hair instantly.
5 Use to damp dust hard surfaces, again to remove pet hair and general dust.
6 In summer stop dogs overheating by wiping down with a wipe that has been in the fridge.
7 A quick fix to clean dog nose prints and saliva from car windows and patio doors.

Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions From Manufacturers.

Occasionally you will need to purchase cleaning products for general cleaning tasks around the kitchen and bathroom. When you have pets in the house you will require excellent cleaning products without harmful chemicals which could affect the health of your dog or cat.

Method Cleaning Products use cutting edge green chemistry to produce non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients which really work. I use these products to clean sinks, toilets, kitchen counters and floors. They are brilliant, safe, and natural cleaning products and I personally recommend them.

*Amazon affiliate links

Method Cleaning Products

When you have pets effective hand washing is essential.

I use Method Hand Soap 

Method Hand Soap
This hand soap smells amazing and is very gentle if you have to wash your hands frequently. This is also made from natural ingredients.

Additional Reading.

Here are some other articles featuring products to help clean your home when you have pets. There are extensive and honest product reviews showing the benefits and disadvantages of each product.

Pet Fur Remover, The Fur Wizard Product Review

Zoflora Pet Disinfectant Product Review

Furminator Pet DeShedding Tool Product Review

Thank you for reading, I would love to hear all of your pet cleaning solutions.


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