The Unique Guide To Gifts For Guys

The Unique Guide To Gifts For Guys

Everyone has a person that they find really difficult to buy gifts for. Personally, I find men really difficult. How many guys end up with a pile of socks and chocolates at Christmas? It isn’t really fair, is it?

It would be so much easier if men would just say what they want!

Sometimes we try to buy something different, maybe a novelty gift. They may give a few minutes of enjoyment, but then just end up in the back of a drawer.

Here is The Unique Guide To Gifts For Guys, ( however I’m sure ladies would love some of these gifts too.) The gifts are totally original and are guaranteed to bring a smile. I promise there are no novelty socks, beer glasses or oddly shaped chocolates (that’s for another post!)

Prezzybox is the most amazing place to find really original gifts which will completely blow away your friends and family.

Gifts for guys


Does your man spend his time at the bottom of the garden doing DIY or in the spare room playing video games? This is a great gift for guys because you can personalise the plaque by adding a name and an activity to make it really special. It has a quality finish and the letters are actually carved into the wood.

Gifts for guys

This headphone display stand will keep the Man Cave looking great. All men seem to be wearing headphones for music, gaming or talking on the phone. The thing is the earphones get lost, the wires get tangled and they get damaged really easily. So the Rock On Headphone Stand is practical as well as really cool!

Gifts for guys

This is a thoughtful gift for people who love to travel.

The World Traveller Map is a great way to keep track of the places you’ve travelled to. The framed map can be personalised and comes with 100 coloured pegs so that you can see at a glance, all the places you have visited (or want to go to one day).

There are different colour variations of the map so you can make sure that the gift fits in with your interior colour theme. The one shown is my favourite and I think it would make a great focal point to a room.

Gifts for guys

I bought one of these 4 in 1 Gadget Pens for my husband and he loves it!

The features are:-

  • Black ballpoint pen
  • Slot and cross head screwdriver
  • Spirit Level
  • 7cm/3in ruler

It’s amazing how many times you want to measure something but don’t have a measuring tape with you, isn’t it? This pen clips on too and is hexagonal shaped so that it doesn’t roll.

At just £6.99 this would make a great gift for children to give to their dads or grandads. It’s also an amazing stocking filler at Christmas too!

Gifts for guys

This Conundrum Wine Decanter is a must for wine lovers. It is designed to bring out the full bouquet of the wine. I  love the unusual design and it is a definite talking point at all dinner parties.

Why not impress your friends and improve the taste and smell of your wine at the same time?

Gifts for guysIf wine isn’t your thing, don’t worry, because this is a beautifully personalised beer bottle holder. This is made from sustainable pine wood, can hold six bottles of beer or lager and can be used inside or outdoors (This would be great for barbecues!) I think this would make a great gift for real ale experts, home brewers or just a great gift for guys who like to have their mates around to watch the footie with a few beers.

I hope this little guide helps out when your feet are sore from shopping and you still haven’t found the perfect gift.

There are lots of other great ideas at Prezzybox, so why not pop over and take a look!

Thank you for reading.


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