Innovative Pet Accessory, ‘Aqua Dog’ and symptoms of Dog Dehydration.

Just wanted to share this innovative pet product which also happens to be on sale, available to US only.

I’m always looking for new innovative products which will make a pet owners life easier and the pet happier and healthier. From experience, balancing bowls and water bottles in the back of a car can be a nightmare, but this is a really clever way to keep your dogs hydrated on long road trips and hiking trips. It’s also designed to be portable and fits easily into  a car cup holder or backpack.

Product Details From Website

Say goodbye to the days of carrying around a bowl and water for your thirsty pooch. Aqua Dog™ is the BPA-free water bottle for dogs! Just fill Aqua Dog™ with water before your walk or trip. When your dog needs a drink, just squeeze Aqua Dog™. Water fills the attached bowl so your dog can drink with ease. When he’s finished, release and water flows back inside the reusable water bottle. The secret is in the auto pump action that fills the bowl when squeezed and automatically empties when released. Aqua Dog™ is perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes. Even flat-faced breeds can use it! Aqua Dog™ is a must-have for every day walks, trips to the dog park, and road trips. Aqua Dog™ water bottle is made of food-safe BPA-free plastic. The one-hand operation is so easy to use! Every dog loves their Aqua Dog™!

  • Easy to use
  • One hand operation
  • Food safe BPA-free plastic
  • Suitable for all dog breeds and ages
  • Fits in your car cup holder
  • Perfect for daily walks and dog parks
  • 18 fluid ounces
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes Aqua Dog Mug and secure strap for tote or backpack


Yes! The Aqua Dog™ travel water bottle works with all breeds of dog, even flat-faced breeds.


Yes. Aqua Dog™ is made of BPA-free plastic that is food-grade safe.


No. When your dog leaves water in the bowl top, just release your hand and water will trickle back into the water bottle. No water wasted!


Yes, Aqua Dog™ is top rack dishwasher safe. Always remove the carrying strap and disassemble unit prior to washing in the dishwasher.

Available here from BulbHead
(Just type Aqua Dog in the search bar)

This is an affiliate link, for more information please click here


Dog Dehydration

Here is a simple checklist of symptoms to show that your dog is dehydrated.

1 Dry Nose

2 Lethargic

3 Panting

4 Loss of Appetite.

5 Dry, sunken eyes

6 Lack of skin elasticity.

A vet told me to lift some skin at the back of the neck and watch how quickly the skin returns to normal. A well-hydrated dogs skin should spring back quickly.

How to Restore Hydration.

When one of my own dogs was very sick and refusing to drink I gently rubbed ice cubes around her gums, it takes patience but works. I found it perked her up enough to take a few sips from a bowl.

The hydration sachets given to children can be offered and come in enticing flavours.

Try some tasty, warm, chicken stock.

The dog can be given fluids intravenously by the vet if the dehydration is severe.

How Much Should My Dog Drink Each Day?

A 10-pound dog should drink at least 20 ounces of water per day.

(ie double the body weight )


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