Home Remedies for Dogs.

We usually recommend that we take our dogs to the vets when they seem a little under the weather, but there are a few things which can be tried easily and cheaply from home.

1 Chamomile to reduce skin itchiness


Make into a tea, decant into a spray bottle then spray on to itchy paws.



2 Vitamin E cream for dry skin.

Shoe Paw Puppy Animal Animals Pet Dog


3.A little live yogurt to soothe an upset tummy.

4. Pumpkin aids digestion.

5 Milk of Magnesia also helps tummy troubles.

6.Epsom Salts for a muscle strain.


7 Chamomile tea bags for sore eyes.

8 Diluted apple cider vinegar to clean ears.


9 Slightly warm coconut oil for an infected ear

Use in a small dropper or on a cotton wool ball, it has antibacterial and antifungal  qualities


More about coconut oils for dogs


10 Apple Cider Vinegar to help prevent fleas.

Use diluted as a rinse after a bath.


11 Baking powder to clean teeth

Make a paste and use on an old toothbrush.

12 Rescue remedy for anxiety



13 A salt sock to relieve arthritis pain.

Heat the salt gently in the microwave, spoon into a sock, tie and apply


14 Oatmeal for itchy skin.

Pour warm water through oatmeal sachet then rinse the dog’s coat.



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