Can Someone Please Tell August it’s Summer!

Can someone please tell August it’s Summer!

Last night we had this amazing sunset but it’s still cold and dull here in England and its been like this for weeks!

This is my summer house, ‘she shed’ or just ‘hut’ but I love it in there. I like to sit and read, write and listen to music. It’s such a relaxing place, I have even been known to take a nap! The hanging baskets are trailing fuschias and in desperate need of some sunshine. At night the solar lights look really pretty. The dogs love it in there and we can even hideaway when it’s raining.


So this afternoon I will be there with a fluffy blanket and a hot cup of tea, reading this book……


I love this genre of books, the sort that keep you up all night. I would rather read a paper book but the kindle can be fun too.

Hope you are having a lovely summer and the sun is shining where you are.

You all know where to find me now!




4 thoughts on “Can Someone Please Tell August it’s Summer!

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  1. I love your hut!
    Over here it is supposed to be Winter but we often have temperatures of 30 degrees. We will have a cold front that lasts 2 or 3 days, and then back with the heat. I think when Summer arrives, we are going to have a scorcher.

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