Finding a Friend by Carol Thomas

Finding a Friend

 Carol Thomas

When Little Pup finds himself at the shelter,
he doesn’t know quite what to do.
Big dogs all around, feeling lost and alone,
Little Pup needs a friend… but who?

Finding a Friend


My Review of Finding A Friend

A charming little storybook about a small puppy in kennels who is too afraid to come out from under his blanket. As he gets more confident and peeks out he is spotted by a little boy who falls in love with him and takes him home. The lovely illustrations show the puppy getting happier and happier as he discovers his new life. The writing is enchanting and it is hard not to feel a tug at the heartstrings as the story of friendship unfolds. A terrific way to teach children about dog rescue and it benefits.

Published 28 July 2017

This book was sent to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author

As an experienced primary school teacher and mother of four, Carol Thomas knows the importance of inspiring a love of books from an early age. In Finding a Friend Carol brings her knowledge of developing early literacy skills together with an understanding of creating characters young children will connect with.

The language of the text is purposely rhythmic, rhyming and repetitive – inspiring children to join in, anticipate and repeat words and phrases. The effortlessly emotive illustrations ensure that young children will be able to interpret and discuss the puppy’s range of thoughts and feelings.

From the engaging language to the charming illustrations, Finding a Friend is a book created to encourage young children to actively participate in the reading experience.



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  1. I helped for a few months in our local no kill shelter before my surgery limited what I could do, so I can relate to the book. The dogs range from tiny to giants from sad and scared to rambunctious, but all crave human contact. It was a wonderful time and made me realize how much shelter volunteers trulky care and how dedicated they are. I’d love to get a copy of the book 🙂

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